Design Services:

Fire Sprinkler drawings -
We utilize the most current AutoCAD Software. Designing in Autodesk MEP© 2013,
our drawings are clear, concise & accurate.
All of our drawings are drawn per NFPA 13 and to meet all state and local jurisdiction code requirements.

Hydraulic Calculations - 
Hydraulic calculations are performed using HASS© 8.2.

Earthquake Brace Calculations -
Using Tolco Tol-brace 7.0TM or Afcon ZOI© sway brace calculation programs we will provide calculated bracing details
conforming to NFPA 13 and local requirements.

Product Submittals -
We compile product submittals utilizing your selection of manufacturer's and will submit in .pdf format.

Stock listing -
All of our stock lists are created and customized to fit your needs.

B.I.M. Services:

We design projects contracted for B.I.M. !
Through the use of Autodesk MEP© 2013 and our in-house 3D details we are able to construct 3D Models of our designs
for use in Coordination with time and project tested accuracy.
There is no need to outsource bracing and seismic restraint modeling as these are also modeled using our in-house details.
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Management Services:

Email & phone communication -
R.A. Kenz Company is your representative, not a consulting engineering firm.
We will assign your company a custom domain address if a unique email username from your company is not available,
and will C/C your email address(s) with all communication we receive.
We are always courteous and answer telephone calls in a general fashion to maintain anonymity.
We are well aware of the importance of the relationship between the sprinkler contractor, project owner and their representatives.
Here at R.A. Kenz Company your clients are our clients!

CAD file acquisition -
We will communicate directly with the contractor to obtain CAD (.dwg) drawings, removing the hassle this process can often pose. 
Should you have the CAD drawings already we will simply send you a link where you may upload your files ( up to 2GB ) in size.

Project management-
R.A. Kenz company will manage all the design aspects of your project to aid in a smooth installation. Working directly with the contractor and subcontractors, coordinating the design.  
Our time, key communication, deliverable dates & tasks are recorded though innovative project management software that assures that our records are complete
and change orders are tracked with accuracy.
We are team players who strive to bring solutions to an increasingly complicated industry, and provide cost benefits to our clients.